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Spanish Seamstress

Lilium inter spinas

Beatriz Aluares de la Oya
25 June
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We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are. ~ Anais Nin

I currently exist in a quantum state of both profound frustration and utter delight. ~ Questionable Content

To arrive at that goal [that of being fit-for-purpose] the work process has to do something distasteful to the tidy mind, which is to dwell temporarily in mess—wrong moves, false starts, dead ends. Indeed, the probing craftsman does more than encounter mess; he or she creates it as a means of understanding working procedures. ~ Richard Sennet, The Craftsman

...we're grownups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means. ~ XKCD: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas. (In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, love.) ~ motto of the Moravian Church

Employed librarian. In my spare time (bwaha!!), I read, costume, knit, dance, make soaps and bath products, cook, play in the SCA, and ride herd on a husband and four cats. Other interests, see below. It's an often-changing list. I mostly write about historical costuming, the SCA, movies, knitting, crafting, etc. I rarely write about my job, my politics, or the news.

My primary account is under "tattycat" at Dreamwidth, but I'm happy to add people here or there or both. I'll try my best to keep up with comments in both places, but we'll see how that goes before I make any promises.

INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

You are not to be messed with. You may explode.